Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally I get my photography book...."Photography for Dumbies"....Thank you very much Sir.
That was pretty much all I had to do today, other than hold an ancient camera and press a few buttons on it now and again, it was rotten. So to was my job interview in the video store. For starters what kind of place takes you into a back room the same size as an average hotpress, stuffed to the point of choatic maddness. With a single chair for the interviewee and a table top for the very short interviewer....I offered my chair just because I needed her to like me. My experience being quite low, and my answers being rather sloppy meant the woman had her doubts, I just hope she enjoyed my sense of humour.
Thankfully though, I am a God, as we all know well, and I am pretty sure I shall get that call tomorrow and have a new line of employment and the ability to muster up a few cent for a trip to Rome this Valentines Week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nothing Happens.

Tv class on Wednesdays bores the crap out of me. I learned today that as well as a five minute programme insert I need to now make a music video. I other news I had a nice roll and then played fifa 11 all day.
My day has been far from exciting, I'm sorry world. Stay tuned tomorrow something interesting is happening...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold, Dark and not Very Nice.

I don't like small dark unfamiliar places, I find them terrifying. Which is why I'm mighty pleased with myself for putting myself through the ordeal of climbing into them and pretty much destroying myself with grime the last two days in a row.
Day one I climbed into an oversized printer in search of a paper jam, a printer worth a quarter of a Million, or as one man said "It's worth about as much as the entire Isle of Man". Inside this machine I found the paper and saved the day, go me. I also helped old women overcome their fear of technology. Loading up pictures on a screen editing and what have you, you know nerdy stuff...What shocked me was just how afraid they were, lovely little old women, much like my granny would ease into the store and delicately approach one of the machines, she would then spend an hour or so trying to find where to take the memory card out of the camera from, when done she next calls me over to make sure it is the right place and to take it out and insert it in the machine. Heres the best part, as soon as the card goes in a message pops up,and 80% of the woman there threw themselves on the floor in bomb safety fashion and prayed she had not triggered the apocalypse by pressing a wrong button.
Working in a photographers is rather fun, although the camera was heavy...

Today I was in my grandmothers roof emptying it, horrid job it was up there in the attic, €20 though, handy!
College wasn't really important at all, about fifteen of us managed on getting locked out of the classroom, and miss half a lecture and I successfully made everyone hate me by dissagreeing with everyones conflict resolutions ideas but my own in communications, oh happy days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Power Down.

Having a day off college is good, but having a day off college because the place takes a power overload is close to orgasmic. Today I returned to my old sinful ways, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed to name just a few. Laying in bed all day could have been a tad more fun, yet I still enjoyed the non-experience. To miss out on photoshop and media analysis classes was slightly depressing but having a number of people texting me at once made me smile, I'm popular now. Go me. My mother has put pictures of my Debs all over the house, any visitor would swear I just married.

The weekend is here now, almost, and that means football. Speaking of which, I got Fifa 11 today. Great game, problem is I may start playing video games too much again, just when I need a diet...Great...
In other news my dog pooped at the side of a main road and I had to bend down onfront of many many people and pick it up in broad daylight today, shame....
Anyway enjoy your weekend, looking forward to hammering you on Fifa.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Good Guy.

Today I was told limbo does not excist, this really threw my plans of die, go to limbo for a while and then heaven to the gulls...So in a bizzare twist, I have decided to mend my ways, college was same old same old today, taking some photographs and reading out the sports new on live radio, nothing unusual you know, same old six hour routine. What was different though was after school, I loaned a friend bus money, I cheered a sad girl up and apprently I'm another girl's hero because I helped her print some Cv's. Heaven here I come!
The sports news I read out today was boring, it failed to mention that I am now, 13 wins, 0 losses on the fussball table and accepting all challenges. College is closed tomorrow and I've nothing to do all weekend now, until Monday. When I start my work experience in a photographers shop, oh yes, come on baby let the good time roll.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning After.

Today I thought I had managed to successful avoid college as I lay in bed dreaming of the finer things in life. That was until I was awoken by the gentle nudge of the big man that is my father, get up for school and try not to wake everyone up he said as he left in an equally as quiet fashion. I couldn't believe it, I had to get up now, it was of course my own fault though, I was the on claiming all night that I was going into college the next morning no matter what state I were in. Now I could easily have said I don't want to go, and just slipped back into sweet warm slumber but that would have damaged my pride way too much.
Thankfully I got a lift to college, without it I was certain to end up in the back of nowhere after falling asleep on my bus, three Tv classes did not seem at all daunting yet they were, I couldn't even sit up straight. This horrible complete loss of comtrol over myself lasted for over an hour until the break, during which I managed to make my way to the canteen and gathered up the strength to order a panini and a can of 7up. As I stood there waiting for my panini the most incredible pain in the world gripped my stomach, I wondered if it was a good idea to throw myself on the floor and scrunch up like a hedgehog until the pain subsided, I visualled medical students running over to me, pulling me and pushing me and I choose not to be so dramatic, instead I simply placed my hands on the counter and bent forward as much as I could without looking too strange.
The food done me the world of good, I soon snapped out of the tired spell and delievered a very good presentation before heading off home. Once again being let down by the buses which have it in for me lately.
At home there was a beautiful lasagna waiting for me and one very tired date, I don't think she was impressed with me leaving so early this morning, I guess I woke her up leaving. Ah well we had a good night, what's she gonna do about it?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Debs

Welcome back, hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I certainly did. I usually tell you, my faithful readers all about college and how I survived yet another dramatic day, however today I'm not.
I'm not even going there, I have simply came online today to tell you tonight is my Debs and I'm super excited. I will post some pictures, I promise, well that's all I really have time to say, think of me tonight, and know, that no matter what you are doing, I am having a way better time than you are....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye My Lovely Locks...

Finally, the weekend is here. All I'm stuck with for this weekend is a bit of housework and a programme proposal, wish I admit I'm really not looking forward to doing again. I'm slowly freezing to death as I sit here writing this, window open way too wide but I'm way too lazy to move to close it.
My debs are on Tuesday, meaning my hair must go, I thought I'd pay a tribute to it by taking a vain emoesque picture and post it online, to remember the good times we have had together, three months now I think.
As for college, today I enjoyed eating a chocolate muffin and a ham and butter panini, I only tell you this because nothing really ever happens on Fridays, we have computer class and then media analysis, what a great way to kill your soul off before the weekend.
A number of people have somehow managed to find my Facebook, don't ask me how, but yes, I have removed myself from all the facebook searches so good luck finding me now suckers, I even changed my email adress on it, so don't even try. I still appriciate your loyalty though.
Enjoy your weekends,
but not too much.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

College's Next Top Model.

Thursdays are by far my longest days, however it's not my least favorite day. Thursdays, for me, start with three hours of photograph, which today, for me, was great! I just got a new expensive camera over the weekend and I've been dying to use it all week, and I got my chance today. Photography was great fun today, our task meant taking portrait pictures of each other on a white canvas backdrop, hillarity assured.
Split into small groups of five we each took our turn as models and photographer. As a cameraman I was superb, with the lecturer complimenting my technique and style in the one picture I took by accident, he said "the movement is a great effect"m I said "Thank you", I thought, "Woops, I didn't even mean to take that one..." .
As a model, I was dreadful. I had very little experience modelling and simply tried to recreate every scene of "Next Top Model" that I had ever been subjected to. The results were shocking. Every picture I look lost, or shocked or like a car was coming toward me at high speed. Painfully unhandsome to say the least, bless my good looks!!!

I think I'll stick to taking the photographs.

On Thursdays after photography comes sound, we were all graced with new books and introduced to a fun gadget they call Protools, I promise you all this, soon I will be kicking ass in the field of sound production.
Whats more, I just found the leaflet for freshers week, ooh yeah baby! Bowling, Sports days, Pub Crawls, Clubbing and Cinema, would be so great if I had the money, if anyone wants to donate €10 (for a freshers wristband) I promise you I will attend as much as I can and write about it too, with pictures.
In the "student fun room" as I call it today was a pretty kickass pile-on, I snapped a quick picture, the faces are really what makes it.

Tomorrow, as I'm sure you all know is Friday, which means weekend, not to mention Friday being a fairly simple day.
Enjoy it,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In The Spotlight

I woke up today to the heaviest rain I've seen in quite a while, the first signs of Winter coming. College on a Wednesday is not exaclty challenging, 10am till 1pm of Television Production and then home. The real challenge of the day was braving that weather to get there, many didn't.
I now honestly believe that I have been put in the sleepiest class of all time, every single one of us has snoozed off in class and it has only been a week, every day the lecturer comments on the tiredness of the class, I fit right it!
Television Production class was quite fun today. We were introduced to the cameras we will be using and shown how they work. Unfortantly for me, I had picked the wrong place to sit, and for the whole class the camera was settled on me. Normally I would love this, but this particular camera was hooked up to several large TV screens around the room making sure everyone got a perfectly good look at me all the time, no matter where they looked. I'm sure there will be a few nightmares tonight. The camera focused on my face with unbelieveable clarity, projecting my every fault all over the room ten times larger and more colourful, every spot became the planet Mars, my nose became a half pipe and everyone laughed as my little already small enough eyes squinted even smaller under the harsh lights of the room. Every movement I made became comedy, unintended comedy as I was beemed left right and centre, a dreadfull way to boost selfconfidence, oh please don't let me become too famous!
I was also given my first assignment of the year today. I and my team of course must come up and make a five minute culture/arts show by December. Being an idiot I took charge of my group and asked each member individually to come up with a plan for me by the weekend and an election shall be held to see which idea will be used, and over the course of the weekend, we will all suggest plans to better it. Which is why I now have to blog early, because I must lead by example, and get cracking on what I hope to be a jolly good idea!
Wish me luck,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Week, Another Reason Why I'm Worthless.

Good news guys, I'm a class representative! This means that I'm one hell of a big nerd and I have just handed myself up for a lot of extra work without giving a second thought to it!
Week two began much the same as week one, great. Communications class still as head meltingly obvious as it can be, although the thought of all that work we have been told is coming up makes my stomach turn.On a brighter note, one of my tasks for 10% of my overall grade is "Make a Phonecall", there's no way it's that simple, is there?
I hope you are all ready to be depressed, because sociology is the deepest most mind boggling freaky subject I have ever attempted, today all I managed to take in was " I am worthless, no-one really loves me, people only need me to fill a certain niche in thier lives, If I die, it doesn't matter one bit, I'm only a statistic, a puppet of someone higher up the chain of life". Fun stuff eh?
As it's freshers week I should be out partying my pants off, but instead I'm so poor I can't even afford to go out once this week, donations are welcome. I have nought to do but study, tonight I have a whole chapter on television production to study up on, and as fun as it sounds, trust me it's not, I'd rather chase a badger around my gran's back garden for a few hours.
Well that's the low-down for today,
Tomorrow hopefully something great will happen, who knows apes might invade the school.
Today I spotted a lazy cat laying down in the grass, who knows what will happen next.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 5: BFFL's

And so the unit of love and strength that we call Bustle came together and got James a chocolate muffin, a candle in the shape of a five and a card. So simple yet so powerful, and moving, I cried a little.
First class computers, very interesting, photoshop. I'm being brief as its a Friday and I'm not arsed to put any effort into this at all. We made album covers while playing I game I will explain in a weekend post.
Then we had a mini party, and then we went to Media Analysis and felt paper.
I'm tired, it's friday, goodnight.
I'll post properly this weekend....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4: The Great Divide.

I'm not even in the mood to blog, I'm just so drained, physically I struggle every September as I'm as lazy as sin. Thursdays are my longest days in college, nine till tweleve is photography next a two hour break and then two till five sound class. It's painful for even the hardest school goers, I do enjoy school don't get me wrong, I love school, but being forced to walk home almost everyday due to the unreliable 17a bus is the stake in my coffin.
Today went well regardless of my tiredness, first, my internet started working again, like magic! Then I found out that I actually do enjoy photography and might just like that class, third my new friends took me out in a car and spent two happy hours with me, the car wasn't very spacious, I was crammed, no wedged would be a better word between two characters, but I coudn't have been happier, great souls and we danced and jiggled to music as much as our crammed bodies would allow. I don't dislike anyone in my class, I guess that means I like everyone, which is a good thing, I hope no-one dislikes me.
It's now I'm begining to notice different groups splitting out of our class unit, I imagine them as little squads, this doesn't bother me too much as it was only natural to happen, all I hope is I fit into one of them.
Music class was fun, my bottom once again was put to the test sitting on a wooden bench for far longer than I should have, it was so uncofortable that I imagined the bench to be limbo, and to be sitting on the edge of hell. The music machine thing looks very complicated, I really hope it's not as bad as I've imagined.
Well the weeks nearly over, and I've got things planned.
Stay tuned for more me in the coming days,
How To Live Wrongly.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Three: Lights! Camera! Action?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm awfully sorry that this post is a day late. Don't blame me though, blame my internet service provider. My internet is rather pathetic creature, the quality of my connection is "Mac Donalds Standard", by that I mean I may as well have gotten my modem from a happy meal.
My day itself was rather bland, three Television Production classes which were not exactly how I anticipated them to be, I felt almost trapped on a chair that would make a seat on a Ryanair plane look good. My bottom was numb, my legs were dead, my arms were tight and I was very tired. Thankfully though, not as tired as I would normally be as classes today did not start until ten o'clock, that extra hour in bed is worth more than you could imagine.
So after the decade spent on the chairs of hell we were brought into the "fun room" where everything happens, the lights, the cameras and the action! Sadly however the only action experienced by me was the lights blinding everyone leaving us all convinced the end of the world was upon us. Thankfully I was let off fifty minutes early, which did save the class from one of my moany minutes which they fortunatly have not experienced yet, I hope it stays that way.
I still like college,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day One, Meet The Crew.

My first day of college complete, and suprisingly I have very little to moan about.
Getting up at 7:30am was an unlikely breeze, I didn't clamber back into bed after breakfast, I didn't beg for five more minutes, no I just got straight up, motivation was floating around the room like a bad fart does in a heated room.
It was raining as I walked to the bus stop, I was all alone, normally I would claim such weather to be pathetic fallacy, yet it was quite the opposite as I still felt upbeat about the whole day ahead of me. My bus arrived suprisingly early and I mt two of my friends one of which was going to the same college as I, which helped settle my non-existant nerves. I arrived at the college way too early which is an awful habit of mine, I keep my watch five minutes fast to avoid being late for anything, thats how obcessed I am with time keeping.
Waiting in the lobby for half an hour wasn't too bad at all, I had my friend with me after all. After a few minutes two new characters arrived on the scene, both of them were most charming and we quickly became friends. Short-lived friends however as the I was soon to find out, the lecture began and we were split into two groups, and I was isolated from everyone I knew, just my luck. I look at the positive side, a whole new begining, no-one knew me, my slate was clean, I could be anyone without prejudice just yet.

Introduction time, and we are forced to become "unique" and "memorable" by performing a simple yet embarassing task. We were given the horrible mission of writing our name on the white board. Normally this wouldnt be a problem, but it was, first for no obvious reason you had to pick a colour pen you wanted to use, why I have no idea. With the marker now in hand, you must approach the whiteboard while an army of twenty strangers watch your back and judge your every movement, if you smile you are weird, if you go red you are weak, if you scratch your bottom, that's just gross. Shivering and sweating you put your hand to the board and quickly panic as writing on a board is not like writing on a page and what ever you write will give off the impression you have the handwritting of a six year old, and when you have a name as weird as mine, it doesn't do you any favours either. The final, and most difficult part of this quest was after you had finished writing your name, you must then give an interesting statement about yourself, I believe mine was announcing to be a Fulham fan which was greated kindly by a wall of laughter and pity. I didn't learn much by this exercise other than I can now get free access to a Dublin night club, a cinema and if I'm lucky a free double cheese-burger in Mac Donalds.

Sociology is really not the best way to start college life but the teacher with his "boring monologues voice" was a great source of entertainment, occasionaly relieving us of the boredom of class with his sharp one liners. I liked him, I hope I can achieve in his class.

Over the course of the day I made some friends, no enemies just yet, and I'm suprisingly looking forward to tomorrow, bring it on!

How To Live Wrongly.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Begining

Tomorrow's the big day, arms shiver, teeth clatter, legs wobble and hearts race as I think about it. Oh yes, my first day of college. New people, new teachers, new rules and routine, a whole new experience unfolds on front of me. The scariest thing about all this is not the new, for me it's the lack of old, not having my friends, my teachers, and nothing is familiar to me. I can only imagine myself being as home in college as a rabbit would on Mars.
To mark this milestone I have decided to re-start blogging for the umpteenth time. So here it is, my guide on how to live wrongly throughout college, I've also started up a youtube channel as I may give video production a try so if you are interested
My Summer was interesting, I plan on saving most of my Summer stories for rather boring days to keep you lot entertained, because not everyday in my life is extraordinay, about 1% of my life is average.
If you choose to follow my blog, and I really hope you do, you can look forward to stories such as:

Why wild animals and I do not mix.
How I ended up in Malaga airport wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses and a bathrobe.
Why I will never buy a cheap tent again.
Holiday friends, and how they differ from real friends.
My obcession with a woman older than my mother.
And much more.

Thank you for taking your time to read this short introduction;
Just remember, the real fun starts tomorrow,
Until then I bid you all farewell.

How To Live Wrongly.