Thursday, September 23, 2010

College's Next Top Model.

Thursdays are by far my longest days, however it's not my least favorite day. Thursdays, for me, start with three hours of photograph, which today, for me, was great! I just got a new expensive camera over the weekend and I've been dying to use it all week, and I got my chance today. Photography was great fun today, our task meant taking portrait pictures of each other on a white canvas backdrop, hillarity assured.
Split into small groups of five we each took our turn as models and photographer. As a cameraman I was superb, with the lecturer complimenting my technique and style in the one picture I took by accident, he said "the movement is a great effect"m I said "Thank you", I thought, "Woops, I didn't even mean to take that one..." .
As a model, I was dreadful. I had very little experience modelling and simply tried to recreate every scene of "Next Top Model" that I had ever been subjected to. The results were shocking. Every picture I look lost, or shocked or like a car was coming toward me at high speed. Painfully unhandsome to say the least, bless my good looks!!!

I think I'll stick to taking the photographs.

On Thursdays after photography comes sound, we were all graced with new books and introduced to a fun gadget they call Protools, I promise you all this, soon I will be kicking ass in the field of sound production.
Whats more, I just found the leaflet for freshers week, ooh yeah baby! Bowling, Sports days, Pub Crawls, Clubbing and Cinema, would be so great if I had the money, if anyone wants to donate €10 (for a freshers wristband) I promise you I will attend as much as I can and write about it too, with pictures.
In the "student fun room" as I call it today was a pretty kickass pile-on, I snapped a quick picture, the faces are really what makes it.

Tomorrow, as I'm sure you all know is Friday, which means weekend, not to mention Friday being a fairly simple day.
Enjoy it,


  1. You should be a model, fo' sho.

  2. Might give it a go again sometime, Losasesinos....Sure as you can see it's all raw beauty, just need a decent photographer to bring it out! pfft.

  3. wow, i didnt mean for that comment to go to your head so ;)

  4. I really need to work on my online sarcasm skills!

  5. haha..this is true. Misperception could be fatal, so get on it.

  6.'re like maddd clever.

  7. you asked for it..