Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally I get my photography book...."Photography for Dumbies"....Thank you very much Sir.
That was pretty much all I had to do today, other than hold an ancient camera and press a few buttons on it now and again, it was rotten. So to was my job interview in the video store. For starters what kind of place takes you into a back room the same size as an average hotpress, stuffed to the point of choatic maddness. With a single chair for the interviewee and a table top for the very short interviewer....I offered my chair just because I needed her to like me. My experience being quite low, and my answers being rather sloppy meant the woman had her doubts, I just hope she enjoyed my sense of humour.
Thankfully though, I am a God, as we all know well, and I am pretty sure I shall get that call tomorrow and have a new line of employment and the ability to muster up a few cent for a trip to Rome this Valentines Week.

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