Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4: The Great Divide.

I'm not even in the mood to blog, I'm just so drained, physically I struggle every September as I'm as lazy as sin. Thursdays are my longest days in college, nine till tweleve is photography next a two hour break and then two till five sound class. It's painful for even the hardest school goers, I do enjoy school don't get me wrong, I love school, but being forced to walk home almost everyday due to the unreliable 17a bus is the stake in my coffin.
Today went well regardless of my tiredness, first, my internet started working again, like magic! Then I found out that I actually do enjoy photography and might just like that class, third my new friends took me out in a car and spent two happy hours with me, the car wasn't very spacious, I was crammed, no wedged would be a better word between two characters, but I coudn't have been happier, great souls and we danced and jiggled to music as much as our crammed bodies would allow. I don't dislike anyone in my class, I guess that means I like everyone, which is a good thing, I hope no-one dislikes me.
It's now I'm begining to notice different groups splitting out of our class unit, I imagine them as little squads, this doesn't bother me too much as it was only natural to happen, all I hope is I fit into one of them.
Music class was fun, my bottom once again was put to the test sitting on a wooden bench for far longer than I should have, it was so uncofortable that I imagined the bench to be limbo, and to be sitting on the edge of hell. The music machine thing looks very complicated, I really hope it's not as bad as I've imagined.
Well the weeks nearly over, and I've got things planned.
Stay tuned for more me in the coming days,
How To Live Wrongly.

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