Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Week, Another Reason Why I'm Worthless.

Good news guys, I'm a class representative! This means that I'm one hell of a big nerd and I have just handed myself up for a lot of extra work without giving a second thought to it!
Week two began much the same as week one, great. Communications class still as head meltingly obvious as it can be, although the thought of all that work we have been told is coming up makes my stomach turn.On a brighter note, one of my tasks for 10% of my overall grade is "Make a Phonecall", there's no way it's that simple, is there?
I hope you are all ready to be depressed, because sociology is the deepest most mind boggling freaky subject I have ever attempted, today all I managed to take in was " I am worthless, no-one really loves me, people only need me to fill a certain niche in thier lives, If I die, it doesn't matter one bit, I'm only a statistic, a puppet of someone higher up the chain of life". Fun stuff eh?
As it's freshers week I should be out partying my pants off, but instead I'm so poor I can't even afford to go out once this week, donations are welcome. I have nought to do but study, tonight I have a whole chapter on television production to study up on, and as fun as it sounds, trust me it's not, I'd rather chase a badger around my gran's back garden for a few hours.
Well that's the low-down for today,
Tomorrow hopefully something great will happen, who knows apes might invade the school.
Today I spotted a lazy cat laying down in the grass, who knows what will happen next.


  1. tomorrow, pick a flower and put it in your hair. itll improve your mood by 10x

  2. Might just do that anonymous, sure I will get some strange looks and people will think I'm weird but hey at least I'll be smiling!
    Thanks for the tip, and thanks for reading the blog! As for now I'm back to studying after my very short and pretty useless break.
    Take care!