Friday, October 1, 2010

Power Down.

Having a day off college is good, but having a day off college because the place takes a power overload is close to orgasmic. Today I returned to my old sinful ways, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed to name just a few. Laying in bed all day could have been a tad more fun, yet I still enjoyed the non-experience. To miss out on photoshop and media analysis classes was slightly depressing but having a number of people texting me at once made me smile, I'm popular now. Go me. My mother has put pictures of my Debs all over the house, any visitor would swear I just married.

The weekend is here now, almost, and that means football. Speaking of which, I got Fifa 11 today. Great game, problem is I may start playing video games too much again, just when I need a diet...Great...
In other news my dog pooped at the side of a main road and I had to bend down onfront of many many people and pick it up in broad daylight today, shame....
Anyway enjoy your weekend, looking forward to hammering you on Fifa.

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