Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold, Dark and not Very Nice.

I don't like small dark unfamiliar places, I find them terrifying. Which is why I'm mighty pleased with myself for putting myself through the ordeal of climbing into them and pretty much destroying myself with grime the last two days in a row.
Day one I climbed into an oversized printer in search of a paper jam, a printer worth a quarter of a Million, or as one man said "It's worth about as much as the entire Isle of Man". Inside this machine I found the paper and saved the day, go me. I also helped old women overcome their fear of technology. Loading up pictures on a screen editing and what have you, you know nerdy stuff...What shocked me was just how afraid they were, lovely little old women, much like my granny would ease into the store and delicately approach one of the machines, she would then spend an hour or so trying to find where to take the memory card out of the camera from, when done she next calls me over to make sure it is the right place and to take it out and insert it in the machine. Heres the best part, as soon as the card goes in a message pops up,and 80% of the woman there threw themselves on the floor in bomb safety fashion and prayed she had not triggered the apocalypse by pressing a wrong button.
Working in a photographers is rather fun, although the camera was heavy...

Today I was in my grandmothers roof emptying it, horrid job it was up there in the attic, €20 though, handy!
College wasn't really important at all, about fifteen of us managed on getting locked out of the classroom, and miss half a lecture and I successfully made everyone hate me by dissagreeing with everyones conflict resolutions ideas but my own in communications, oh happy days.

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