Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day One, Meet The Crew.

My first day of college complete, and suprisingly I have very little to moan about.
Getting up at 7:30am was an unlikely breeze, I didn't clamber back into bed after breakfast, I didn't beg for five more minutes, no I just got straight up, motivation was floating around the room like a bad fart does in a heated room.
It was raining as I walked to the bus stop, I was all alone, normally I would claim such weather to be pathetic fallacy, yet it was quite the opposite as I still felt upbeat about the whole day ahead of me. My bus arrived suprisingly early and I mt two of my friends one of which was going to the same college as I, which helped settle my non-existant nerves. I arrived at the college way too early which is an awful habit of mine, I keep my watch five minutes fast to avoid being late for anything, thats how obcessed I am with time keeping.
Waiting in the lobby for half an hour wasn't too bad at all, I had my friend with me after all. After a few minutes two new characters arrived on the scene, both of them were most charming and we quickly became friends. Short-lived friends however as the I was soon to find out, the lecture began and we were split into two groups, and I was isolated from everyone I knew, just my luck. I look at the positive side, a whole new begining, no-one knew me, my slate was clean, I could be anyone without prejudice just yet.

Introduction time, and we are forced to become "unique" and "memorable" by performing a simple yet embarassing task. We were given the horrible mission of writing our name on the white board. Normally this wouldnt be a problem, but it was, first for no obvious reason you had to pick a colour pen you wanted to use, why I have no idea. With the marker now in hand, you must approach the whiteboard while an army of twenty strangers watch your back and judge your every movement, if you smile you are weird, if you go red you are weak, if you scratch your bottom, that's just gross. Shivering and sweating you put your hand to the board and quickly panic as writing on a board is not like writing on a page and what ever you write will give off the impression you have the handwritting of a six year old, and when you have a name as weird as mine, it doesn't do you any favours either. The final, and most difficult part of this quest was after you had finished writing your name, you must then give an interesting statement about yourself, I believe mine was announcing to be a Fulham fan which was greated kindly by a wall of laughter and pity. I didn't learn much by this exercise other than I can now get free access to a Dublin night club, a cinema and if I'm lucky a free double cheese-burger in Mac Donalds.

Sociology is really not the best way to start college life but the teacher with his "boring monologues voice" was a great source of entertainment, occasionaly relieving us of the boredom of class with his sharp one liners. I liked him, I hope I can achieve in his class.

Over the course of the day I made some friends, no enemies just yet, and I'm suprisingly looking forward to tomorrow, bring it on!

How To Live Wrongly.

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