Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In The Spotlight

I woke up today to the heaviest rain I've seen in quite a while, the first signs of Winter coming. College on a Wednesday is not exaclty challenging, 10am till 1pm of Television Production and then home. The real challenge of the day was braving that weather to get there, many didn't.
I now honestly believe that I have been put in the sleepiest class of all time, every single one of us has snoozed off in class and it has only been a week, every day the lecturer comments on the tiredness of the class, I fit right it!
Television Production class was quite fun today. We were introduced to the cameras we will be using and shown how they work. Unfortantly for me, I had picked the wrong place to sit, and for the whole class the camera was settled on me. Normally I would love this, but this particular camera was hooked up to several large TV screens around the room making sure everyone got a perfectly good look at me all the time, no matter where they looked. I'm sure there will be a few nightmares tonight. The camera focused on my face with unbelieveable clarity, projecting my every fault all over the room ten times larger and more colourful, every spot became the planet Mars, my nose became a half pipe and everyone laughed as my little already small enough eyes squinted even smaller under the harsh lights of the room. Every movement I made became comedy, unintended comedy as I was beemed left right and centre, a dreadfull way to boost selfconfidence, oh please don't let me become too famous!
I was also given my first assignment of the year today. I and my team of course must come up and make a five minute culture/arts show by December. Being an idiot I took charge of my group and asked each member individually to come up with a plan for me by the weekend and an election shall be held to see which idea will be used, and over the course of the weekend, we will all suggest plans to better it. Which is why I now have to blog early, because I must lead by example, and get cracking on what I hope to be a jolly good idea!
Wish me luck,

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