Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Three: Lights! Camera! Action?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm awfully sorry that this post is a day late. Don't blame me though, blame my internet service provider. My internet is rather pathetic creature, the quality of my connection is "Mac Donalds Standard", by that I mean I may as well have gotten my modem from a happy meal.
My day itself was rather bland, three Television Production classes which were not exactly how I anticipated them to be, I felt almost trapped on a chair that would make a seat on a Ryanair plane look good. My bottom was numb, my legs were dead, my arms were tight and I was very tired. Thankfully though, not as tired as I would normally be as classes today did not start until ten o'clock, that extra hour in bed is worth more than you could imagine.
So after the decade spent on the chairs of hell we were brought into the "fun room" where everything happens, the lights, the cameras and the action! Sadly however the only action experienced by me was the lights blinding everyone leaving us all convinced the end of the world was upon us. Thankfully I was let off fifty minutes early, which did save the class from one of my moany minutes which they fortunatly have not experienced yet, I hope it stays that way.
I still like college,

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