Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye My Lovely Locks...

Finally, the weekend is here. All I'm stuck with for this weekend is a bit of housework and a programme proposal, wish I admit I'm really not looking forward to doing again. I'm slowly freezing to death as I sit here writing this, window open way too wide but I'm way too lazy to move to close it.
My debs are on Tuesday, meaning my hair must go, I thought I'd pay a tribute to it by taking a vain emoesque picture and post it online, to remember the good times we have had together, three months now I think.
As for college, today I enjoyed eating a chocolate muffin and a ham and butter panini, I only tell you this because nothing really ever happens on Fridays, we have computer class and then media analysis, what a great way to kill your soul off before the weekend.
A number of people have somehow managed to find my Facebook, don't ask me how, but yes, I have removed myself from all the facebook searches so good luck finding me now suckers, I even changed my email adress on it, so don't even try. I still appriciate your loyalty though.
Enjoy your weekends,
but not too much.


  1. what are 'debs'?

  2. The Debs.
    Just because I'm lazy.