Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning After.

Today I thought I had managed to successful avoid college as I lay in bed dreaming of the finer things in life. That was until I was awoken by the gentle nudge of the big man that is my father, get up for school and try not to wake everyone up he said as he left in an equally as quiet fashion. I couldn't believe it, I had to get up now, it was of course my own fault though, I was the on claiming all night that I was going into college the next morning no matter what state I were in. Now I could easily have said I don't want to go, and just slipped back into sweet warm slumber but that would have damaged my pride way too much.
Thankfully I got a lift to college, without it I was certain to end up in the back of nowhere after falling asleep on my bus, three Tv classes did not seem at all daunting yet they were, I couldn't even sit up straight. This horrible complete loss of comtrol over myself lasted for over an hour until the break, during which I managed to make my way to the canteen and gathered up the strength to order a panini and a can of 7up. As I stood there waiting for my panini the most incredible pain in the world gripped my stomach, I wondered if it was a good idea to throw myself on the floor and scrunch up like a hedgehog until the pain subsided, I visualled medical students running over to me, pulling me and pushing me and I choose not to be so dramatic, instead I simply placed my hands on the counter and bent forward as much as I could without looking too strange.
The food done me the world of good, I soon snapped out of the tired spell and delievered a very good presentation before heading off home. Once again being let down by the buses which have it in for me lately.
At home there was a beautiful lasagna waiting for me and one very tired date, I don't think she was impressed with me leaving so early this morning, I guess I woke her up leaving. Ah well we had a good night, what's she gonna do about it?


  1. i had a panini for lunch too! XD

  2. Good good, hope yours had magical healing properties too.